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movie1.gif (59871 bytes)TidyDisk 3.0 is a handy utility for cleaning unwanted and unnecessary files off your hard disk. It can clean temporary files, Internet Explorer cache files, Firefox Private Data files, and any other files you want removed. And it's only $19.95!

Computer experts agree - in order to keep your PC running smoothly you need 10% of your hard drive free. TidyDisk can do that for you automatically. Plus TidyDisk is Vista compatible!

TidyDisk can be configured to remove exactly the files you want deleted. You can specify certain file types or use wildcard characters. Better still, you have a choice of removal methods. You can send files to the Recycle Bin, Delete them, Move them, put them in a ZIP file, or Permanently Delete them. TidyDisk is fast and easy-to-use. It can scan all of your local drives and network drives as well.

By removing all these unwanted files, TidyDisk helps give you more free disk space. Based on your criteria, TidyDisk will show you exactly how many files it found and how much space they occupy. TidyDisk is safe, and won't delete any files that are in use by other programs. Using the FREE companion program, EZ Scheduler, you can even schedule

TidyDisk to run at any hour of the day or night. What a convenience!
Schedule it and TidyDisk will run totally unattended,removing whatever files you've told it to.

Includes Live Update technology.

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